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Suspension Tuning 101 and 102

Here’s the Set-Up You Need for a Faster Race Car.... Here are the 3 steps to a good baseline set-up for good m...


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A Physical Understanding of Race Car Handling

Know the Tyres.  Feel the Rotation. New insights into race car handling and the driver's relationship with the ...

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Get More Grip and Better Balance


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Bump Steer Made Easy

"Bump Steer Made Easy" show you how to measure bump steer accurately, using only a single point laser you can buy fro...

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"A Physical Understanding of Race Car Handling"

rom the motions of the car, is important, if not the most important aspect of driving a race car. Knowing this is important is one thing, but understanding where the feeling comes from is quite another. Over the history of racing, drivers have not been able to say what it is they’re feeling. Our new course, “A Physical Understanding of Race Car Handling”, is different. We can show you exactly what is happening at the tyres, and what the racing driver is feeling. Unlock the mystery behind your car control skills. You'll improve your feel for what the race car is doing, and get a clearer direction for set-up improvements.

"Get More Grip and Better Balance" .................................................

With this course, you can select the springs and anti-roll bars you need for your race or road performance car. We do this with our proprietary set-up sheet, the Racing Car Technology Weight Transfer Worksheet™. The idea is to optimize grip and balance. Then you can do the set-up in the workshop, and go to the track knowing you have a set-up with good grip at the tyres, and good balance for understeer/oversteer. Our procedures are equally applicable for race and road performance cars. Even if you don't work on the car yourself, you'll be able to specify what you want, and have your preferred workshop do the work for you.

This is our proprietary set-up sheet, the Racing Car Technology Weight Transfer Worksheet™. Now in continuous use for nearly twenty years, it is an integral part of our training in “Get More Grip and Better Balance”. To see how the Weight Transfer Worksheet in action, go the free training “Suspension Tuning 101 and 102” on this page at the top, and sign up for it. The Weight Transfer Worksheet™ remains the only readily available calculator for suspension frequency and balance calculations that is fully supported.