7 Little-Known Hacks to Race Car Handling Mastery [E Book]

With these 7 Key Insights....   

Understand What’s Happening at the Tyres. See How You Analyse the Set-Up and Get the "Baseline Set-Up" you Need for More Grip and Better Balance.

My name is Dale Thompson.  I’m co-founder of Racing Car Technology and author of the “7 Hacks…”. 

Have you ever struggled with suspension set-up? Or have you pretty much left sleeping dogs lie? Or perhaps you’ve got just a sneaking suspicion there’s more speed to get out of your race car?

Whether you’ve tried adjusting your race car before, or your brand new to it, you’ll find answers in the “7 Hacks….” Only $7-00 US or $9-00 AU.
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Here’s the elephant in the room…

You can’t tell what’s wrong with the race car, or if it could be improved, just by driving it. We might think we can, but the odds are against us coming up with something to improve the car in isolation.  

Yet, if we properly analyse the set-up on the car, then do a set-up in workshop (what we call a “baseline“set-up”), we have found the results nothing short of astounding. Some drivers achieve seconds improvement in lap time, same engine, same tyres.

With the "7 Hacks" E book, you’re getting the low down on what you need to know to get results like this:

Pete Goulding wrote: “My car is transformed. I have gone 4 seconds faster at most events where I race. I broke all the 1600 turbo class records and ended up in second place overall in the British Sprint Championship.”

Andy Nagy, from Austin, Texas got his track rat Porsche 968 flying. He wrote: (With the local pro driving),”His previous best time in my car on the very tight, technical track was 1:03.0. Anything under 1:02 on that track is very fast, and under 1:00 was strictly the stuff of urban legend. He came in with a grin from ear to ear, said the balance of the car was flawless, and did a best time of 59.8!”

We have heaps more clients like this. So, even if your just a little curious as to how this is possible, check us out. Our procedures apply to just about any vehicle on 4 wheels. 

➡ This new e-book from Racing Car Technology, "7 Little-Known Hacks - Your Pathway to Race Car Handling Mastery" makes sense out of the mumbo jumbo. Everything explained in a way racers understand.

It's all based on our experience and stuff we've learned setting up race cars over the last twenty years.  

 The "7 Little Known Hacks...." are 7 little-known insights into race car handling.

Taken together, they give you a unique overview that could transform your understanding of what’s happening with the handling of your race car.

I’ve chosen 7 key areas for you to focus on in building your knowledge base. The idea is to get the mindset you need about vehicle dynamics and your sensitivity as a racing driver. Then use this new understanding to set-up and develop your race car.

Most of what we see and read about the technical side of motor racing makes no reference to how the race car actually works. Understanding how the race car turns a corner is pivotal to our thinking about our driving and the set up adjustments we make to improve the car.

We go deep into undertseer/oversteer balance behaviour and then show you the how to select the springs and anti-roll bars that can give you more grip and better balance - i.e. a 'baseline set-up' that you can take to the track knowing you are in the set-up window

Of course, there is more to know. But I think you'll be surprised how far we get in solving the race car handling problem in just this short E book.

So, grab your copy today.  You can buy in Australian or US dollars.