7 Little-Known Hacks to Race Car Handling Mastery [E Book]

Overview of all our Suspension Set-Up Procedures and Know-How About Race Car Handling.  

$7 USD or $9 AUD. Instant Access.

With these 7 Key Insights....   

Understand What’s Happening at the Tyres. See How You Analyze the Set-Up and Get the "Baseline Set-Up" you Need for More Grip and Better Balance.

My name is Dale Thompson.  I’m co-founder of Racing Car Technology and author of the “7 Hacks…”. 

Have you ever struggled with suspension set-up? Or perhaps you’ve got just a sneaking suspicion there’s more speed to get out of your race car?

Whether you’ve tried adjusting your race car before, or your brand new to it, you’ll find answers in the “7 Hacks….” Only $7-00 US or $9-00 AU.
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Here’s the elephant in the room…

You can’t tell what’s wrong with the handling of the race car, or if it could be improved, just by driving it. We might think we can, but the odds are against us coming up with something to improve the car in isolation.  

However, if we properly do our analysis, then do a set-up in workshop (what we call a “baseline set-up”), we have found the results nothing short of astounding. Some drivers achieve seconds improvement in lap time, same engine, same tyres.

➡ This new e-book from Racing Car Technology, "7 Little-Known Hacks - Your Pathway to Race Car Handling Mastery" makes sense out of the mumbo jumbo. Everything explained in a way racers understand.

It's all based on our experience and stuff we've learned setting up race cars over the last twenty years.  


What you need is a “baseline set-up” where you make a planned change to the set-up, and it works, and you know why.

Or, if it doesn’t work, you've got a pretty good idea why not.

It takes an overriding perspective on how race car handling works, and then the skills in delivering a baseline set-up you can take to the track and test. That’s what the “7 Little-Known Hacks…” is all about.

Why Hacks? Well, there are lots of concepts and procedures around vehicle dynamics and set-up that COULD go into a book like this. But I’ve stripped it back to JUST 7.

So rather than an encyclopedic treatment of vehicle dynamics, what we have here is 7 key insights that can open up the black box for drivers. Put you on the right pathway in developing the set-up on your race car.

The 7 Hacks are 7 workarounds that can give you a thorough and effective understanding about vehicle dynamics and a baseline suspension set-up, all within the confines of this short E-Book.

7 Little-Known Hacks to Race Car Handling Mastery $7 USD $9 AUD