FREE REPORT: "HOW DO YOU FEEL THE OVERSTEER?" (you've most likely never heard of this little recognized mechanism before)

How the Racing Driver Controls the Race Car on the Limit of Grip....

Flip the switch in your brain and turn on this little recognized feedback mechanism for driving a race car on the limit.  It's already there for you in the background, every time you race.

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A Mystery No More

Ultimate Car Control Explained.  The magic behind all the great drivers.  Yet the mechanism is so simple, it's for ordinary people to drive quickly as well.

The Vehicle Dynamics

 Vehicle Dynamics / Handling is about the driver and car working together.  Yet in the past, most set-up and suspension tuning has been only about the car.

All About Corner Entry

On the Corner Entry:  this from Lewis Hamilton, "It's the motion of the car that gives you the feel... that gives me the know-how of when to push..."


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