Brand NEW (and free) Training: The Suspension Set-Up You Need for a Faster Race or Road Performance Car.

Race Car Handling:
Get More Grip and
Better Balance....

Here are the secrets of race car handling.  You'll find unique insights and procedures to MAKE YOU FASTER. 

This is stuff you can do yourself, if you're hands-on.  Or, learn it here, and show your workshop what you want done.

You'll receive additional learning material via email, as you enter the course...... 


A "Mindset" for Handling

Understand Handling.  Use simple methods to solve suspension set-up problems.  Gain insights.  We explain the essence of Handling and Car Control.

The Weight Transfer Worksheet™

How you can use the Racing Car Technology worksheets to determine your "baseline set-up" for springs and anti-roll bars, ride heights etc.

Workshop Set-Up, Then Go to the Track and Test

With a good baseline set-up, you can go to the track knowing you have a good set-up for grip at the tyres, and balance for understeer/oversteer.


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