Get More Grip - What Springs Do You Need?


Then you'll know if your set-up is stiff enough to maximize the grip at the tyres, or if you could be stiffer. (If your car is stiffer than our guidelines, then other considerations will come in to play.)

It's the "undamped natural frequency" of the suspension we're measuring. The cycles per minute (CPM) the suspension would bounce up and down if the shocks were removed and unrestricted by friction.

Getting your suspension spring rates up to an optimum is the single most important aspect of your set-up. We have specific guidelines on what you should aim for.

And the results are remarkable. Many of our clients gain seconds per lap in faster lap time.

Our Racing Car Technology Bounce Test™ is a breakthrough application.  For coilover suspensions, we can measure the motion ratio on the car. For all other suspensions, we can do the Bounce Test™ and get a direct measurement of the suspension frequency. Now, for the first time, we can accurately calculate suspension stiffness and get a baseline set up for every race car out there. 

In our on-line training course you'll get a complete understanding of what's required.

Included is the Suspension Measurement Calculator we use to calculate spring rates from either method, the Bounce Test™ or from direct measuring on the car. Full instructions and detailed discussion of the technical background to the procedures.

It's an interactive course. You can ask questions or comment within the course and I will reply, usually within 24 hours. I help with the application of the procedures and any other questions you have as you proceed with the course. Get the benefit of our twenty years experience measuring motion ratios or bounce testing, doing the calculations and specifying the springs required.

There's our 100% money back guarantee. If your not completely satisfied with the course material, email within 10 days of purchase and I'll refund you in full.

If you would like further information about suitability of our course for your racing, email me Dale Thompson at [email protected]