Would You Like to have a go in Historic/Vintage Sports Car Racing?

Uncategorized May 07, 2018

What Car Would You Choose to Drive?  For me, I’d like to drive Andrew’s superb Triumph TR3A Group SA historic production sports car.

In historic production car racing, it’s all about the cars.  That’s where the passion comes from. 

But they’re not only there to look good.  The cars have to go fast, and race pretty hard as well.

Pictured is Andrew Gibson’s Triumph TR3A Group SA Historic Sports Car.  He’s raced at race meetings throughout NSW and Victoria for almost twenty years now - always immaculately presented, just like you see here.  On a bright sunny race day, in the pits, it’s a magnet for lookers and photographers alike.

It’s Australia’s fastest ever side-screen TR in historic racing. 

We started working with Andrew in the year 2000.  The car was hugely responsive to suspension set-up improvements and by 2001, he was getting class and overall race wins in Group Sa and combined group events.

Part of the attraction of production car historic racing is the freedoms allowed to modify the car, but without the high cost items you may need in modern production car racing.  You can build a fast race car without stretching the budget too much, and without over-modifying the car.  When you have to coax grip and balance from the chassis without massive rubber to make the grip, it becomes a fascinating exercise.

This car has been a part of so many of our very best developments in suspension tuning at Racing Car Technology, for example:  

Choosing spring and anti-roll bars rates to optimize grip and balance, with the development of the Racing Car Technology Bounce Test™ and Weight Transfer Worksheet™.
Coil Spring Technology.
Motion Ratio development for front coil springs with the spring seat on the lower control arm.
Leaf Spring, including single leaf spring technology.
Live rear axle suspension tuning.  Panhard/watts linkage/rear anti-roll bar.
Anti-Roll Bar design, including Motion Ratio improvement.
Roll centre/ride height/suspension travel/bump stops.
Lever shock dyno testing and valving.
Telescopic shock dyno testing and development.
* Chassis, suspension and steering stiffness improvements, reducing stiction and binding. *
Differentials – Detroit locker, Salisbury LSD and TruTrac gear type LSD.

( *…..* This area of improvement is a focus for all production race cars we work on.)

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