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Your Pathway to Race Car Handling Mastery"

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How Do You Learn about Suspension Set-Up? 

To improve the set-up, we could buy all the go-faster suspension bits for our race car, do the suspension build and a wheel alignment, then go to the track and sort it out. Right?

Well, all of this is unlikely to work for us.

The idea that we can just play with the suspension adjustments and eventually figure out what works and what doesn’t is flawed, no matter how talented a racing driver we have doing the track testing.

Yet, if we properly analyze the set-up, then do the required changes in the workshop (what's called a "baseline set-up"), then we can go to the track knowing we are in the set-up window. We know the car is already fast and balanced. We only need final adjustment for balance to suit the track/driver preference.

In doing this ourselves at Racing Car Technology, we've found the results nothing short of astounding. Some drivers achieve seconds improvement in lap time, same engine, same tyres.

We can show you how we have done this in my new E Book, "7 Little-Known Hacks - Your Pathway to Suspension Set-Up Mastery".

Our procedures and supporting concepts are essentially new in grassroots racing. When you click through and buy the E book, you’re getting a complete overview of our methodology. 

So, whether you are just starting out in racing, or you are highly experienced, this E Book will show you what's involved in doing your set-up. 

Your suspension set-up and what to do about it, is an essential part of your craft as a racing driver.

Reading the E Book, you'll see how our concepts could work for you. 

Then , if you're going ahead with improving your set up, you can decide if our on-line training, guidance and help  is something you'd like to take advantage of.

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Pete Goulding wrote:
“My car is transformed. I have gone 4 seconds faster at most events where I race. I broke all the 1600 turbo class records and ended up in second place overall in the British Sprint Championship.”

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Andy Nagy got his track rat Porsche 968 flying. He wrote (With the local pro driving):
”His previous best time in my car on the very tight, technical track was 1:03.0. Anything under 1:02 on that track is very fast, and under 1:00 was strictly the stuff of urban legend. He came in with a grin from ear to ear, said the balance of the car was flawless, and did a best time of 59.8!”