Balance is not enough!! James Doesn't Quite Complete This Pass...

Uncategorized May 01, 2017

In the first snapshot from James Burge's video SMSP Formula Ford April 2017 Race 1, you can see him reaching down to adjust the balance for more stability, less oversteer, using the in-car lever with cable attachment to the blade adjustable rear anti-roll bar. 

He Is about to attempt an outside move for the lead in 200kph+ turn 1.  He does get up to the front wheel of Lachlan on the inside, but Lachlan get's a better run in the corner exit, and leaves James to gather it all up and avoid running off the edge of the circuit.

The idea of the balance adjustment for the high speed corner is that with greater stability, the car is to some extent self correcting - the driver is not chasing every tiny movement of the car. There may also be some grip left at the rear tyres to help the driver sense a motion of the car that does need correction.  

After the fast corner, the driver can adjust back to a preferred balance for slow and medium speed corners.

To determine the balance of a car, you can do the calculations in our Racing Car Technology Weight Transfer Worksheet™.    

The aim of the exercise is  to have a balanced car, so that the car is responsive to any further balance adjustments made, via the rear anti-roll bar.   

But if a car is too front roll stiff, then any adjustment you can make at the rear anti-roll bar is outside a range that can have any affect on the balance.

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Then there was this from Friday practice, when not using the balance adjustment..

In the first picture you can see Lachlan coming.......then in the second picture, just enough room for him to get by.  


The long standing lap record for this layout of the track at SMSP is held by Glen Welch, also driving the Listec WIL 013.