It's All About Grip and Balance

Uncategorized Sep 06, 2016

Our course, "Every Racers Guide to Suspension Tuning", includes showing you how handling works.   As an example, this simple diagram is the basis for describing what's behind the Weight Transfer Worksheet™, leading to our simple definitions for oversteer and understeer.

The Moment of a Force is a measure of its tendency to cause a body to rotate about a specific point.  Our diagram shows the top view of a car in a corner.  The forces FF and FR create moments about the Centre of Gravity.  Note also the Body Slip Angle, the difference between the heading of the vehicle and the vehicle centre line.  We give you a complete "heads up" on how the body slip angle happens due to the slip angles at the tyre contact patches.

Front and Rear "Wheel Pairs" - Tyre Grip

You’ve probably heard the phrase “the only thing between you and the road is the four tyre contact patches”, or similar.  Not that insightful.  In fact, it’s pretty...

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One Make or Spec Series Racing - Do the Best Drivers Win?

Uncategorized Aug 30, 2016

One Make or Spec Series Racing – Do the Best Driver’s Win?

In this pic, almost certainly yes.  Cameron Hill leading at Winton in the Toyota 86 Series.  How good is this bloke?  He’s 2015 Formula Ford Champion in a car prepared by his Dad, and in the Toyota 86 series, again in a car prepared by his Dad, pole position for both rounds and winner of five out of six races so far - (only beaten off the re-start on the last lap of race 3 at Sydney Motorsport Park.)

For most spec series you can assume that the best drivers are winning. One Make and Spec series are designed to allow drivers with smaller budgets to compete on level terms. 

But perhaps the biggest reason for spec series racing to exist – it’s supposed to give new talent a chance to show what they can do, against proven competition from the longer term stars in a category that is recognised on the national stage.  In days past, the talk was how Touring Car drivers, and...

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