Get More Grip and Better Balance


$397 USD or $497 AUD   

Full instruction in what you need to get a good "baseline set-up" for racing or road performance.  

Do the workshop set-up with the springs and anti-roll bars you work out in our Racing Car Technology Weight Transfer Worksheet™, then go to the track knowing you have a good grip at the tyres, and a balanced set-up for understeer/oversteer.

Move forward your entire understanding of suspension tuning .  See how you can continue to develop your race car well into the future.

The course is self-paced learning.  Easy to understand, with diagrams and written explanations.

You can ask questions, and comment on the content, from within the course.  I will respond with answers and suggestions, generally within 24 hours.

Part 1:  An overview of suspension set-up, including a full explanation of why and how you select springs and anti-roll bars, your most important consideration in suspension tuning for racing and road performance.

Part 2:  Calculate  and Implement your Baseline Set-Up.  You'll have all the info and instructions needed to weigh and measure your car, then enter the data in our Racing Car Technology Weight Transfer Worksheet™.  No maths skills required. 

If you prepare your own car and work on it yourself, you'll choose the springs and anti-roll bars you need for your baseline set-up, then do the set-up in your workshop.  Or if others are doing it for you, with the set-up you choose in the Weight Transfer Worksheet™, you instruct your mechanic or race preparation service in what you want done.

The course is yours to keep and come back to as often as you like.  You'll have continued access to all updates into the future.

The Weight Transfer Worksheet™ methodology works for all types of 4 wheel race or road performance vehicles..... 

If you’re racing over the longer term, investing so much money, time and effort, why wouldn’t you want to learn these secrets? 

You could be faster for every lap you do.  A second or more per lap?  If your already racing at the pointy end of the field, even a few tenths could be hugely worthwhile. 

(Many of our clients are more than a second quicker per lap, after set-up with the WTW.  Some win races for the first time, break the lap record, with the same engine, same tyres.)

Money Back Guarantee

"If the course does not deliver the value you are expecting, let me know via email within 10 days of purchase, and I will refund your purchase price in full."