Vehicle Dynamics and Suspension Set-Up for Drivers

Our Complete Training in Race Car Handling and Suspension Set-Up

$397 USD or $497 AUD 
Save 35% on regular prices

Includes these Premium On-Line Training Courses:
"A Physical Understanding of Race Car Handling" - Vehicle Dynamics for Drivers. Know the Tyres. How Does the Race Car Turn the Corner?
"Get More Grip and Better Balance" - Suspension Set-Up Know-How and Training in the Racing Car Technology "Weight Transfer Worksheet™"
"Bump Steer Made Easy" - How to Bumpsteer Your Race Car with a single point laser you can buy from the hardware store. 

This is what works for grassroots racers.

No matter what you race, or level of experience, you can set-up the suspension on your race or road performance car with our online training programs.

In grassroots racing, we haven't got the software tools or the race engineering skills like they do in professional racing.  Race car simulation and high end data analysis is obviously way more than we can do. 

But that doesn't mean we're left with intuition and guesswork either.

Our set-up spreadsheet, the Racing Car Technology Weight Transfer Worksheet™, is so easy to use. Yet the results of the calculations give you really good recommendations for the springs and anti-roll bars needed for best balance and more grip at the tyres. Then, for the workshop set-up, follow our guidelines. 

  • The course is based on our experience with hundreds of set-ups, in our own workshop and consulting directly with clients over the last twenty years. 
  • All actionable content. What you need to get a faster race car.
  • The course topics are mostly written with diagrams. Some video. flipchart presentations.
  • Get lifetime access with all updates into the future. 
  • Get evaluation and analysis of your first Weight Transfer Worksheet™ from us via  Zoom meeting, phone or email. We recommend Zoom where we can look at the spreadsheet together on screen.

Get Both These Leading On-Line Training Courses at One Low Price:

"A Physical Understanding of Race Car Handling" (Hacks #1,#2,#3 and #4)

Learn what's physically happening when the race car turns a corner. 
Understand driver feel for the car and rotation.
Understand "steady state handling" and the "Balance Trade-Off"™.  From your assessment of the balance you can decide how to adjust the set-up to give you "more turn" or "more drive". 

"Get More Grip and Better Balance" (Hacks #5, #6 and #7)

Work out your "baseline set-up" with the Weight Transfer Worksheet™.  Full instructions and assistance.

You do the set-up in the workshop before you get to the track. 

Plus bonus "Bump Steer Made Easy"*

Pay a once only price of $397 USD OR $497 AUD

* Bump Steer Made Easy" is a Training in how to bump steer your car front and/or rear. You need to measure accurately. We show you a method using a single point laser you can buy from the hardware store that's super accurate.

If you have any queries about our training courses, please email Dale Thompson at [email protected]