"Perfecting Your Car Control Skills"...

The Theory and Practise

Over the history of racing, racing drivers have struggled with understanding what it is that they feel from the race car.

Up to this point, its been a problem you overcome by practising and racing until you achieve a level of success that overrides your concerns. 

But what if you could know exactly what it is you are feeling? That could boost your confidence and potentially put you on a path of continuously improving your car control.

I'm excited to introduce the Racing Car Technology Car Control Workhop 2023.

In this workshop, we'll show you the complete answer as to how we feel what's happening with the race car.

"What is it You are Feeling from the Race Car?

In the workshop we're going to take a deep dive into the specific motion of the race car at the heart of the racing driver's feeling for balance....

It's the driver's feel for the slip angles at the tyres - 

The rotation feeling is due to elastic twist in side wall of the tyres between the contact patch and the rim, at the of the rear tyres only

The Car Control Workshop...

Perfect your car control. Get a complete understanding of car control and vehicle dynamics from your perspective as a racing driver.

How Does it Work?

You can progress through the workshop topics at your own pace. Discuss and ask questions as you go. Attend the live video "meetups" or watch the live recordings.

Get our breakthrough full on-line training in vehicle dynamics, "The Physics of Car Control" as the theory stuff for the workshop. Complete the workshop and you'll get free access to our next evolution of leading edge training in car control, "Perfecting Your Car Control" when it is released later in 2023.

Included With The Car Control Workshop....

  • Our full training in vehicle dynamics, "The Physics of Car Control and Race Car Handling", valued at $197 USD.
  • By participating in the workshop, you'll be part of the development of our next level training in car control, "Perfecting Your Car Control". Get free access on release later in 2023.

    It's hard to value these brand new insights. So I've made the pricing:
     "Name Your Own Price":

    Pay Anything Between $40 USD to $100 USD ($53 AUD - $133 AUD). You choose.
Join the Car Control Workshop $53 - $133 AUD
Join the Car Control Workshop $40 - $100 USD