Unlocking The Secrets of Car Control

Racing drivers have a natural ability to sense the balance of the race car via a little recognized rotation motion of the race car. 

As tyre slip angles and cornering grip build in the corner entry, the chassis rotates slightly, adopting a nose-in attitude relative to the direction of travel. 

The in form racing driver is naturally in sync with the feeling of this tiny rotation motion, giving the racing driver remarkable sensitivity in assessing the balance of the race car.....

The chassis rotates in advance of the rear tyres letting go. This rotation feeling is a pre-warning to the driver of any upcoming oversteer.

In cornering, the tiny rotation is undoubtedly there. even though as a racing driver, the feeling and your response to it, may be entirely subconscious.

You can see the drift angle, or body slip angle, in photos of race cars approaching the apex of the corner.

Drivers should be able to give their full concentration to the feedback coming from the race car, without any confusion as to what they are supposed to be feeling.

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Dale Thompson
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