A Physical Understanding of Race Car Handling

Know the Vehicle Dynamics of Race Car Handling for Drivers.

$147 USD or $184 AUD 

New insights into race car handling and the driver's relationship with the car.

The way grip is developed at the tyres may be complex, but the mechanism for control of the race car is actually very simple.  It's based on the forces acting at the tyres.  We can show you the vehicle dynamics involved with simple diagrams, no mathematics.

You'll have a complete understanding of what's happening at the tyres, and the rotation you feel as the main indicator of whether you are on the limit of grip.

What You'll Learn...

We're all familiar with oversteer.  It's a natural feeling.  Even kids in go carts with little, or no experience, will quickly develop the ability to counter steer to avoid a spin. 

But what's less well known, is that the feeling sensation for the talented racing driver, goes much deeper.

It's a highly nuanced feeling that tells the driver a lot about the tyres, acting firstly as an early warning for oversteer, and secondly, an indication that  the tyres are approaching the limit of grip.

The course contains vital information you need, whether you're a beginner racing driver or experienced, with already highly developed car control skills. 

The ideas translate into a physical understanding of driving, and the feedback, when you can articulate it, is priceless for racing or road performance car development.

When you purchase, the course is available to you instantly on-line.  It includes around 12 topics you can easily read on your phone or tablet, and includes a simple exercise to help you identify, easily and safely, the high end feeling the top racing drivers are experiencing, even with no track experience.

Includes on-line help with any of the topics of particular interest to you.  You can ask a question or comment within the course, and I will respond personally to discuss with you.

100% money back guarantee.  If the course is not for you, let me know within 10 days of purchase and get a full refund.