“Get More Grip and Better Balance” - our premium course in race car handling and suspension set-up, is what it says.  Get more of what you need to get a faster race car.  You’ll get a simple “whole of car” understanding of suspension set-up that serves you well into the future.

Full instruction in what you need to get a good "baseline set-up" for racing or road performance.  

Do the workshop set-up, or have others do it for you, with the springs and anti-roll bars you require, then go to the track knowing you have a good, balanced set-up for understeer /oversteer.

The course is self-paced learning.  Easy to understand, with diagrams and written explanations.

The Weight Transfer Worksheet™ methodology works for all types of 4 wheel  race or road performance cars..... 

If you’re racing over the longer term, investing so much money, time and effort, why wouldn’t you want to learn these secrets? 

You could be faster for every lap you do.  A second or more per lap?  If you’re already racing at the pointy end of the field, even a few tenths could be hugely worthwhile.

If you have any queries about the course and how it may benefit you, please email me, Dale Thompson [email protected]

Our Online Courses, "A Phsical Understanding of Race Car Handling" and "Get More Grip and Better Balance"

Vehicle Dynamics Know-How- "A Physical Understanding of Race Car Handling"
Part 1:

Our brand new, breakthrough insight into how the driver controls the car.  As it turns out, feedback from the car, as the racing driver feels it, is way less complicated than most people think.  The key idea of feeling the rotation is demonstrated so that you can recognise it, even driving on the street.  

"A Physical Understanding of Race Car Handling" Part 2:

Understand Race Car Handling and What's Happening at the Tyres

We follow this up with a clear demonstration of vehicle dynamics, using a couple of key diagrams, that describes what is happening at the tyre contact patches.  This translates into the suspension set-up procedures we can implement and use to improve the car.

Suspension Set-Up with the Weight Transfer Worksheet™ - "Get More Grip and Better Balance"

Most racers think set-up is about wheel alignment and corner weights.  But way more important is the spring stiffness required to maximise grip and the lateral weight transfer distribution to balance the car.  You can get a good baseline set-up and a fast race car using the Racing Car Technology Weight Transfer Worksheet™.


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