The "Perfect Drive in the Perfect Car" - Is It a Pipe Dream?

Uncategorized Jun 20, 2016

Here is a photo of Mark Webber at Barcelona in 2010.  He's just had that "Perfect  Drive in the Perfect Car" feeling....

Mark's just won from pole position.  In his book "Aussie Grit" he describes that day.  After commenting on how good the car preparation was from the team at Milton Keynes he continues::

" Before quailifying in Spain Christian (Horner) told me to go out there and enjoy myself because I probably wouldn't get too many chances to drive a car like ours around that track.  He was dead right: he had driven there himself and he knew that for Barcelona - a track we all know so well - you have to be confident in your car because it has so many fast corners.  In Friday's practise we were already looking pretty strong.

During our briefing that night, we knew qualifying in this car in Barcelona would be something else.  Being flat out in sixth gear through Turn 9 is quite a feeling, I can tell you.  It's a spot where you usually had to lift off a little, maybe brake slightly or perhaps even downshift.  Not in this car.  It was so good, I could go through Turn 9 at full throttle.  Christian was right to warn me not to take it for granted, but also knew there were'nt many men better than me when it comes to fast corners.  I still remeber it to this day.  The boffins in the garage see the telemetry - they know your foot doesn't come off the throttle.  That;s a hugely rewarding moment for them as well.  It certainly helped me put the car on pole."

What a blast that must have been. 

But then Mark is racing in the rarified air of Formula one. What about the guys racing at Bathurst in the NC Historic Touring Cars?  No big ticket car preparation here. 

You don't have to be racing at the front for that "Perfect Drive in the Perfect Car" feeling.  Maybe your at the starting line in grid position 10 and just about to get the feeling, racing at Bathurst - Australia's most celebrated race track.  Maybe it's your day.  The day when the car feels great and you're truly satisfied with your performance.