Race Car Handling Mastery

Uncategorized Nov 12, 2019


How much do we need to know about the physics of race car handling?

There are two sides to this:

  1. How much do you need to know about the physics of race car handling as a driver? This is something not covered in the books on race cars or driving. Further, there is so much misleading information out there, it’s scary.
  2. As far as suspension set-up is concerned, how much of what you know can you relate to the real physics involved? A mental mind set about how things work is essential in my view. 

So, Race Car Handling and Suspension Set-Up is a pretty thorny subject. Right?

I’m having a crack at it in my new E Book “7 Little- Known Hacks – Your Pathway to Race Car Handling Mastery”

I’m especially not making it hard to understand with too much mathematics.

However, I’m mindful of the quotation attributed to Albert Einstein, “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler”.

So, you'll need to put in the effort to get your head around this stuff. But nothing more than you’d expect when you’re sport has this very technical side based on the handling capability of the weapon you choose to bring to the competition.

Trying stuff out at the track is good. But can be highly subjective and burn up expensive track time for very little result. When you know the physics, when you know how it works, you’ll be way more targeted in the developments and set-up changes you try.  

Anyone for tennis instead of racing this weekend? Or golf? Ah, I thought not.

We’ll just have to get stuck in and bone up on what we need to know to get the best performance out of ourselves and our race car.

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